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Now offering a booklet of water electrolyzer construction information.

Hydrogen by itself, with oxygen can be used for welding, cutting, cooking, heating, running engines, and supplying electricity by means of a hydrogen oxygen fuel cell.

Water is made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This gas can be set free by passing a D.C. electric current through water. By using an alternative energy source, contained gas production, after set up is virtually free, since nothing is used up in the process of electrolysis except water (rainwater) and electricity.

Making hydrogen and oxygen is as simple as flipping a switch. Just add electricity to a water electrolyzer and get pressurized and separated hydrogen and oxygen to put into storage tanks for use. Any tank that is made for pressure and all oxygen has been removed from will work for hydrogen storage, such as hot water tanks, propane tanks, or compressed air tanks.

Hydrogen is a safe fuel when kept stored away from oxygen. The only time to mix the two gases is at the burn site. A built in safety factor about hydrogen is, it's the lightest element. When released, it very rapidly disperses apart and escapes upwards.

Learn how to make a water electrolyzer with a copy of Hydrogen Wind Inc, Files.

Hydrogen Wind Inc, Files
This booklet contains the information for making a simple or complex water electrolyzer system.It has all of the copyright, patent, and construction details used by Hydrogen Wind Inc.

You get 59 pages of illustrated details of at least a dozen different electrolyzer concepts, starting with the first experimental designs and including hydrostatic models, plastic water electrolyzer versions, and high pressure controls with multiple cell designs. All the plumbing, electrical, and construction layouts are here plus additional relative information.

Now you can make your own water electrolyzer and produce your own fuel (hydrogen and oxygen)!

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